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What is it with the new buildings and mobile signals?

Last Friday I was invited to a customer meeting by one of our resellers. The customers challenge is that the mobile signals in the new office is really bad. The mobile operators are bragging about their great coverage but are not able to deliver a business service where it counts the most, in their office. It is not the mobile operators fault but the building materials is stopping the mobile signals. In Norway most of the SMB companies are using a pure Mobile communication solution with a mobile switchboard. They are 100% dependent on the mobile solution. The lack of indoor signals is a challenge that needs to be taken seriously by the management since this is really frustrating for the employees.

There are two ways of solving this issue:

1. Set up a solution for better indoor coverage. To read more about a great indoor coverage solution you can check out the Norwegian technology company Cloudberry, http://cloudberrymobile.com. If you have the same challenge, ask your mobile operator if they have a solution like this for you.

2. Use the existing mobile/fixed subscription and connect it to a Skype for Business cloud. In this case, with their 40 users, it makes no sense to install an on-premise solution. Using a cloud solution they can utilize their well dimensioned local cabled and wireless network for all their business calls. In this way they can answer the calls on the PC or their mobile phone.

I have set up two Skype for Business Telephony test users for them to do some testing in the office the coming days. They are using a mobile operator already connected to our solution so if they decide to start using BIZSKYPE it is well integrated with their mobile switchboard solution and have the full fixed/mobile integration. I am quite confident that this will solve the issue for them.

There will be a follow up blog post on the setup and experience if they decide to go for BIZSKYPE. Stay tuned.

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